Late Show’s Stephen Colbert Comes Out as Nazi


NEW YORK – Late night television host Stephen Colbert shocked the entertainment world last night when he came out as a Nazi during his show. The Late Show comedian was in the middle of his monologue when he suddenly gave a Nazi salute. Colbert later explained his actions. “Look, I’ve long felt that progressives were a superior people to conservatives. And, if I could, I’d round up all conservatives and republicans, put them on trains, and send them off to the ovens. My good friend Chelsea Handler has even told…

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The Barbed Wire: Newest Member of the Mainstream Media

TEXAS – With all the recent talk of “fake news” sites out there, and social media like Twitter and Facebook vowing to crack down on them, it’s no wonder there is a lot of confusion about the subject. Here at The Barbed Wire, we’d like to help clear things up. The Barbed Wire is satire for conservatives. We make fun of progressives and their silly ideas and actions. When our stories get posted, the word “satire” is right there in the address. You have to try to miss it. We…

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