Obama Says Cash to Iran for Hostages Just a “Coinkydink”

coinkydink ransom

WASHINGTON – After getting busted for trying to secretly give $400 million to Iran in exchange for the release of four American hostages, President Obama said the appearance of caving to the demands of terrorists was just a “coinkydink.” “I could stand here and give you a bunch of my usual mumbo jumbo, okie-doke,” the President said, “But the fact is, I had $400 million just sitting around the White House, and I was tired of tripping over it. But, let me be clear…….this money was used to buy the…

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Hillary Clinton Wonders: “Where Were Slain Police Officers’ Security Details?”

BATON ROUGE (The Barbed Wire) – Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waited 7 hours to release her statement on the killings of 3 police officers in this city at the hands of a racist, former Nation of Islam and Black Lives Matter coward, and the reason for the delay was her apparent confusion over how this could happen in 2016. Besides needing to run her statement by a couple of focus groups before publicly releasing her thoughts, Mrs. Clinton wondered why the slain officers both here, and in Dallas a couple…

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