Hillary Clinton to Open “Always A Bridesmaid” Bridal Shop


CHAPPEQUA – Hillary Clinton needs something to do. Bill is freaking out because, if he has to spend a lot of time around her, he’d just as soon check out now. So he’s persuaded his wife to open an upscale bridal store right here in Westchester County, with only the bridesmaid in mind. “Always A Bridesmaid – Never A Bride” is the clever name Bill came up with for the shop. “Who else knows better than my wife what it feels like to come in second place, over and over…

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Dem VP Pick Agrees to Wear Pantsuits During Campaign

VIRGINIA – Hillary Clinton made her pick for vice-president this week, and the winner was Democratic senator Tim Kaine from Virginia. Kaine is seen by many as a boring VP pick, but the senator said the special condition he agreed to, in order to win Mrs. Clinton over, will spice things up. Hillary has insisted from day one that whoever she picked as her running mate, male or female or unspecified, would have to agree to wear her signature pantsuits on the campaign trail. Kaine said he had no trouble…

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