MSM: “And On the 3rd Day, Hillary Rose From the Nearly Dead”


WHITE PLAINS, NY – Hillary Clinton has pretty much nothing in common with Jesus Christ, but that hasn’t stopped her cheerleaders in the mainstream media (MSM) from describing her that way. They’re overlooking the fact that mild pneumonia is a whole lot easier to get over when you never had it in the first place. Miraculously, when reporters rolled the stone away from the front door of her Chappaqua home, Hillary was already on her campaign airplane, eager to take off. All that remained at her house were the wrinkled…

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Clinton Campaign Says Hillary Has ‘Happy Pneumonia’

NEW YORK CITY – A day after collapsing while she was trying to board a van to leave a 9-11 ceremony, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is clarifying her diagnosis of pneumonia. If her people are to be believed, she has the best kind of pneumonia you can get. Hillary assistant Huma Weiner explained her boss’s condition this way: “Hillary does, in fact, have pneumonia. But she is an extraordinary woman, so she doesn’t have pneumonia like the commoners. She has what doctor’s call ‘Happy Pneumonia.’ Happy pneumonia is extremely rare, and…

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