Mainstream Media Trying to Pick Up Pieces After Trump Thrashing

ATLANTA – In mainstream media offices across the country, numerous so-called “journalists” were dealing with the after effects of the bolt of lightning known as the Trump press conference that hit them all yesterday. Damage was widespread. At CNN: Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon have started wearing rubber diapers because they pee themselves every time Donald Trump opens his mouth now. Reporter Jim Acosta is being evaluated for rabies after being seen foaming at the mouth following his smack down in front of the world yesterday. At MSNBC:…

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“Unsolved Mysteries” TV Show to Return With Episode on Missing Hillary Press Conferences


HOLLYWOOD – An old television show from the last century is gearing up to make a return in the near future, as Unsolved Mysteries will be exploring more modern mysteries that continue to baffle people in 2016. The show was a hit in the 1980’s. Some mysteries from the past remain unsolved today – Bigfoot, space aliens, Loch Ness Monster, Stonehenge, and the Kardashians. But there are newer mysteries that deserve delving into as well. Below are some of the recorded teasers from upcoming episodes this fall: “As elusive as…

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