Rare Sighting Of Weeping RINO Filmed In Its Natural Habitat During Jan. 6th Hearing

weeping RINO

WASHINGTON – Video emerged today of a “weeping RINO” during Nancy Pelosi’s stage play titled The Jan. 6th Commission: Insurrection!  The footage showed a pathetic RINO, in its natural habitat, tearing up as it encountered Capitol Police actors. The performance was beyond cringe-worthy. As the RINO addressed the coached actors, it began to cry as if on cue. Some viewers bought the performance, however. The eyes of numerous Democrat viewers welled up at the sight of the weeping RINO. They were obviously moved. The play was set in a swamp.…

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Swamp Creatures Only Beyond Velvet Rope At McCain Memorial

WASHINGTON – Monitoring his guest list from the afterlife, Senator John McCain used bouncers and velvet rope professionals to make sure those who attended his memorial service were trusted, establishment types from the DC swamp. Specifically, McCain didn’t want Donald Trump to attend. Bouncers outside Washington National Cathedral screened attendees as they arrived, validating each person’s hatred for President Trump, before they were allowed entry to the service. Those who planned to give speeches trashing the current president on McCain’s behalf were seated in a special VIP section up front.…

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