Fly on Hillary’s Face During Debate Sent by Russia’s Putin

ST. LOUIS – Those watching the second presidential debate noticed a fly land on Hillary Clinton’s face, just as the candidate was delivering another round of bullsh*t to the audience with her answer to a question. Robby Mook, Clinton’s annoying, 15 year-old campaign manager, said he believes the fly landing was the work of Russians. “Everybody knows Putin and the Russians will stop at nothing to see Hillary defeated. Not even Trump could have pulled this stunt off.” The stealth fly, still on the loose tonight, landed just above Hillary’s…

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Team Clinton Fears ‘Medical Episode’ Could Lead to ‘Losing Election Episode’


NEW YORK CITY – On a somber but sweltering 9-11 here, a day that saw mid-morning temps soaring well into the mid 70’s, Hillary Clinton succumbed to “overheating,” and left a remembrance ceremony earlier than expected. She had to be lifted into a van by her handlers, and was taken to daughter Chelsea’s nearby home. Who even knew Chelsea was a doctor? Fearing the incident could fuel the growing speculation that Clinton has some serious medical issues that her campaign is hiding from the country, her people issued a statement…

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Hillary Takes Month Off Campaign for “Infrastructure Renovation”


NEW YORK – After warning supporters days ago not to become complacent, Hillary Clinton is taking a month off from the campaign trail. According to her campaign manager, Robby “Mooky” Mook, Clinton is going in to the body shop for much needed repairs. “It’s more like an ‘infrastructure renovation,’” Mooky said. “She’s worn down. It’s time to replace some old parts that are suffering from wear and tear, and to do some touch up work on the inside ‘to try to make her appear more structurally sound down the homestretch.’”…

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