Nancy Pelosi Uncovers Massive Underground Hair Salon Racket

hair salon

SAN FRANCISCO – As if 2020 couldn’t get any more bizarre, now Nancy Pelosi has uncovered a massive, underground hair salon racket that few Americans are aware of. And despite Pelosi’s discovery, there’s no telling how deep this salon set-up goes. The Speaker of the House claims she was lured into a San Francisco hair salon under false pretenses that she was above the law. You see, hair salons were closed down at the time due to the current coronavirus pandemic. “I suspect this goes all the way up to…

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NFL Denies 49er’s Request To Litter Field With Syringes, Poop, To Feel More Like Home Game

SUPER BOWL 54 – You have to hand it to the San Francisco 49er’s. They managed to win a lot of games this year, despite their home turf being littered with used drug syringes and human waste. Many football fans don’t realize that the feces problem the city itself is having doesn’t stop at the gates to Levi’s Stadium. Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, said earlier this season, “San Fran is a really disgusting place to play. It’s tough enough scrambling, trying to avoid big linemen, looking…

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San Franshitsco Receives 16,000 Feces Complaints In Last 7 Days

NANCY PELOSI HQ – City officials here have logged over 16,000 complaints from residents about the place going to feces due to an out of control homeless problem. Quickly becoming known as The Shitty By the Bay, San Franshitsco is a shining example of what a turd liberalism really is. Pelosi’s Poop Patrol reported many more complaints were received that contained other terms related to feces. Ever since the governor declared California a sanctuary port-a-potty in January, the homeless, illegal aliens, and bucket poopers have been stinking up the place.…

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