Left Hates SCOTUS Erasing Roe V. Wade Mistake, Kind Of Like An Abortion?

Roe v. Wade

WASHINGTON – Someday soon, the landmark abortion case from 1973, Roe v. Wade, may be aborted by the Supreme Court. And Democrats are losing their minds. But isn’t the SCOTUS correcting a mistake the same thing progressives view an abortion as being – correcting a mistake? The gnashing of teeth and tribal screams have begun. They mad. Maybe Obama told them if they like their Roe v. Wade, they can keep their Roe v. Wade? Sorry. 50 years a mistake is still a mistake. Dems are freaking out though, acting…

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SCOTUS Rules ‘This Whole Constitution Thing Has Been Done To Death’

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Friday afternoon that following the Constitution has run its course. A majority of justices, including so-called “conservative” justices, decided that voter fraud in US elections is no big deal. Chief Justice John Roberts declared, “This whole following the Constitution thing has been done to death. So Democrats cheated with mail-in ballots and rigged voting machines? If Texas doesn’t like that, they should cheat harder next time. I thought they did everything bigger in Texas anyway?” New justice Amy Coney Barrett said, “I didn’t feel…

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Supreme Court Retirement Sends Shingles Up Chris Matthews’ Leg


MSNBC – As news of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement came across the MSNBC fake news desk – along with the realization that President Trump will get to pick his replacement – host Chris Matthews said he felt shingles running up his leg. “As the reality of this moment in our nation’s history sunk in,” Matthews stated, “I felt this intense, itching rash running up my leg. It was completely different from the tingle Obama gave me. This time, there were fluid-filled blisters involved. It was disgusting. “And the…

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