Unmasked Abrams: I Only Breathed Through My Blowhole During School Visit


GEORGIA – Never Governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams is in some hot water. And she doesn’t do well in warm water. The plus-size hypocrite was caught going unmasked in a school surrounded by masked students, masked teachers, and the masked singer. The hypocritical pics have sparked a backlash against the hefty politician, who is denying any wrongdoing. Abrams may have taken her excuse for being mask-less from Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti. The mayor was recently spotted unmasked but claimed, “I was holding my breath while the pictures were taken.” Sounds…

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Democrats Slam Voter Integrity Laws Because Of The Integrity Part

GEORGIA – Democrats in Hollywood and on Capitol Hill are blasting the recently passed Voter Integrity Law as racist. The new law is designed to combat voter fraud and require ID’s to legally vote. Leftists hate that. Professional bimbo Chelsea Handler cried out, “Those right-wing bastards just want to bar minorities from voting! I swear I’ll never have sex again on Georgia soil! Aaaahhhhhhh!” Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer expressed his displeasure with the law this way: “I first had to look up what ‘integrity’ means. It says ‘adhering to a…

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For Xmas, Stacey Abrams Received Ballot Printing Machine – Georgia Runoff Edition

ballot printing

GEORGIA – The imaginary governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams, got just what she asked Santa Claus for this Christmas. A brand new ballot printing machine was waiting under her tree! “I couldn’t believe it!” an excited Abrams shouted. “It was the number one item on my list. I think every card-carrying Democrat should have one. It’ll make all future election fraud so much easier.” Stacey said the machine was about the size of an Easy Bake Oven, but she planned to have it running 24 hours a day – right…

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Pelosi Slams ‘Morbidly Obese’ Trump, Praises ‘Former Victoria’s Secret Model’ Stacey Abrams

morbidly obese

WASHINGTON – It’s common knowledge that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lives in her own little world. So it was no surprise this week when she slammed President Trump for being ‘morbidly obese.’ She then went on to praise the imaginary governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams, for being the picture of good health. Abrams is being considered as a VP pick for Democrat Joe Biden. Pelosi thinks Abrams would be a fine choice for the position. “In total contrast to the president, Ms. Abrams is the epitome of fitness and good…

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Good Times: Stacey Abrams To Give State Of Union Rebuttal


GEORGIA – Former Good Times actress Stacey Abrams has been tagged to deliver the Democrat Party’s rebuttal to President Trump’s state of the union speech on Tuesday. Abrams, who has been acting since the 1970’s, most recently lost her bid to become the governor of Georgia. Stacey acted under the stage name Esther Rolle on the hit sitcom, is best known these days for her stance that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote in US elections. She cray-cray. She’ll no doubt accuse the president of being a heartless, evil,…

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