Trump Blocks Democrats Memo Rebuttal Because It Sucks


WASHINGTON – Saying it lacked a sense of imagination and read like it was written by a third grader, President Trump blocked the release of the Democratic rebuttal to the Republican memo on controversial FISA documents “because it sucks.” The announcement is the equivalent of being given your college research paper back from your professor and being told, “If you turn in trash like this again, I’ll have you dropped from this class.” The author of the memo, self-proclaimed ladies man Adam Schiff, was given a grade of D, with…

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Success! After 100 Days of Trump Presidency, Hillary Still Not President

WASHINGTON – There is tons of talk by the mainstream media about their invented “first 100 days” schedule for presidents to get things accomplished, and whether or not said presidency is a success based on those accomplishments. One guarantee that can be made here, however: President Trump will enjoy looking back on his first 100 days in office with much more satisfaction than Hillary Clinton celebrating her 100 days of NOT being president. Yes, 100 days into the current administration, and Hillary still sucks. It appears that she will continue…

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