Susan Rice to Star in Upcoming Al Gore Film “An Inconvenient Sleuth”


WASHINGTON – Now that her cover has been blown, former Obama partner in crime, Susan Rice is headed for the big screen. Al Gore, the creator of climate change scam films “An Inconvenient Truth” and a soon to be released sequel, has hired Rice to be the lead in his next film, “An Inconvenient Sleuth.” Rice has apparently fancied herself a stealthy detective during her time in the Obama administration, sticking her nose into places within the intelligence community where it doesn’t belong. It’s come to light this week that…

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Susan Rice Would’ve Gotten Away With It If Not For You Meddling Kids

susan rice

WASHINGTON – You can start to hear the sh*t hitting the fan. Former ambassador and documented Benghazi liar, Susan Rice, has been outed as the villain who “unmasked” President Trump and his aides last year after spying on them. Probably at the request of her former boss, but we’ll find out about that later. Networks honest enough to cover this YUGE story – I’m not talking to you, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC – have now “unmasked” Susan Rice herself as the high-ranking mole in this spy game. And she would’ve…

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