Paul Ryan Even Screws Up Own Family’s Drive-Thru Order


WISCONSIN – Fresh off bungling his party’s attempt at repealing Obamacare, House Speaker Paul Ryan had hoped to relax with his family this weekend and enjoy a drive in the country. But proving his embarrassing attempt at passing legislation wasn’t a one-off, Ryan couldn’t even get his family’s order right at a Taco Bell when they stopped for lunch. Ryan approached the drive-thru menu and speaker with his usual optimistic and confident facial expression. Halfway through the family’s order, however, it was obvious something was wrong. First, his kids changed…

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Man Ignores Chick Brawl, Takes Ordering Taco Bell to Next Level

catfight Taco Bell

UNKNOWN – A cell phone video has surfaced showing an unknown man casually ordering his meal at a Taco Bell drive-thru while, at the same time, he records two young ladies taking it to the ground in the parking lot. And the man keeps his concentration like a boss! Who says men can’t multitask? For your viewing pleasure, the video is provided below. The man is recording the women yelling at each other, when the Taco Bell employee rudely chimes in asking for his order – temporarily breaking his concentration.…

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