President Trump Issues Travel Ban For All Flights In And Out Of CHAZ


CHAZ, UTOPIA – It’s called CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone). It’s the new capital of Utopia. If you’re progressive, and you have more than one can of spray paint, it’s the new place to be. A land with no laws, no police, and no common sense. But all is not perfect behind the walls of CHAZ. The ‘Liberal Heaven’ is only six city blocks wide. To flourish, CHAZ will need tourism, trade policy, and more graffiti artists. The problem? President Trump has issued a new travel ban for all flights…

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9th Circuit Airlines to Start Flying Terrorists Into Country Tomorrow

SAN FRANCISCO – The crazy in this city is not confined to Nancy Pelosi. San Francisco will soon become the hub for America’s newest airline. 9th Circuit Airlines will begin flying refugees and terrorists from overseas into our country beginning immediately. The airline will begin by servicing Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen – with hopes of flying into and out of North Korea and Pakistan in coming weeks. Judges on the 9th Circuit of Appeals wanted to get the airline going as soon as they screwed the…

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