Joe Biden Claims Voters Have Given Him An Old Man(date) For Change

old man

DELEWARE – Democrat Joe Biden is getting a little ahead of himself these days. He hasn’t won the White House yet. However, he’s acting like he already has. Secret Service has upped security on Biden. In addition, airspace has been restricted over his basement. And now, Joe is claiming that the election proves voters have given him an old man(date) for progressive change. “I’m an old man,” Biden told reporters. “I get it. And when a president wins, they like to say they were given a mandate for change. So,…

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Hillary Compliments Trump Voters, Calling Them “Basket of Adorables”


NEW YORK – Hillary Clinton surprised even her own supporters last night when she described Donald Trump supporters as a “basket of adorables.” Some in attendance thought they must have heard her wrong. Was this another short circuit? Or maybe she misspoke? After describing Trump’s people as adorable, Mrs. Clinton rattled off a list of labels made up by the Left to criticize those who don’t agree with them. Some in the audience started spreading word that they thought Hillary said “deplorable,” rather than adorable. Once the comments hit the…

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