Joe Biden Said To Be Elated After Kamala Harris Picks Him To Be Her VP


DELAWARE – From deep within his own basement, Democrat Joe Biden is beaming with joy. The former vice-president is said to be elated after receiving news yesterday that he’d been chosen to be Kamala Harris’ VP. “This is great!” a grinning from ear-to-ear Biden said. “My wife Jill tried to tell me that I was the one who had chosen Kamala to be my running mate, but she was just messin’ with me. Can you imagine the thought of me at the top of the ticket?!” (Laughing wildly) “I can’t…

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Dem VP Pick Agrees to Wear Pantsuits During Campaign

VIRGINIA – Hillary Clinton made her pick for vice-president this week, and the winner was Democratic senator Tim Kaine from Virginia. Kaine is seen by many as a boring VP pick, but the senator said the special condition he agreed to, in order to win Mrs. Clinton over, will spice things up. Hillary has insisted from day one that whoever she picked as her running mate, male or female or unspecified, would have to agree to wear her signature pantsuits on the campaign trail. Kaine said he had no trouble…

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