The Grumpys Awards Show Promises Lots of Trump Bashing, Some Music


HOLLYWOOD – Many of us enjoyed watching The Grammys in our younger days, when the show was about the music. Sadly, that show has been replaced with The Grumpys. The Grumpys will air tonight so that social justice warriors, some who also sing and produce music, can air their political grievances. Since the rich and famous are smarter than the rest of us, the awards show will feature numerous rants about how stupid Donald Trump and his supporters are – with a few musical performances in between. The show is…

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Progressive Phil Saw His Shadow Today, Six More Weeks of Whining

PUNXSUTAWNEY – Progressive Phil crawled out of his parent’s basement this morning and saw his shadow, meaning there will be six more weeks of whining for the country’s progressives. According to the Liberal Almanac, if Phil emerges from his hole on February 2, and Donald Trump is still president, there will be six more weeks of whining from those like him. For the past 8 years, the entire time Phil has worked at Starbucks, he hasn’t seen his shadow on this date. This indicated that Obama was still president, things…

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