Saudi Arabia Unveils Car Designed for Country’s Newly Driving Women

RIYADH – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has finally given the green light for women to drive in that country for the first time. And with the new right comes a specially-designed car – just for the motoring Muslim female. Of course, they’ll have to (Ku)wait to get behind the wheel until next summer. Ba-dum-ba. Introducing the 2018 Arabian Abaya from Mecca Motors Corporation. The brand new model is available in stylish black. Just black. The Abaya is completely covered, except for a small opening over the windshield for the…

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Why Can’t A Day Without Feminists Be Every Day?

On March 8, angry, bitter, attention-starved feminists will assemble in groups around the country to wallow in their misery. While normal women will be going about their lives, and taking care of their responsibilities, these feminists will be protesting. Why can’t #ADayWithoutFeminists be every day? Lord knows we could use the break! Maybe #ADayWithoutFeminists will be followed by #ADayWithoutWork, followed soon after by #AMonthWithoutPaychecks. This day will be a vacation for millions across the country. Half of America is still celebrating #4YearsWithoutAFeministPresident, so the 8th will just be icing on…

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CNN Anchor Wants You to Wear Hijab in Support of Muslim Women


ATLANTA – CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota, who’s always in competition with CNN’s own Carol Costello for stupidest female in a leading anchor role, wants American women to wear a hijab in support of Muslim women who fear being attacked for wearing the head scarves in public. “Maybe there will be a movement where people wear the head scarf in solidarity. You know, even if you’re not Muslim,” the sage Camerota said on CNN’s New Day. What’s missing from this picture is Alisyn not wearing her hijab. Surely she has one…

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