After World Series, MLB Adopts ‘Open Carry’ Bat Rule For Home Runs


HOUSTON – In the wake of the Walgreen’s Nationals World Series win here, Major League Baseball (MLB) has adopted an open carry rule for batters who hit a home run. The new rule, known as the Bregman rule, will allow players to carry their bats with them all the way around the bases. Astros third-baseman Alex Bregman explained why he started the trend during the Series. “You know, I realized I can’t hit home runs without my bat, but I’m the one who gets all the applause and glory after…

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Media Slam Trump Rhetoric For Causing Dodgers World Series Collapse


LOS ANGELES – The Boston Red Sox are world champions again. They defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 4 games to 1 to claim the title. Some say it was Boston’s pitching, timely hitting, or the Dodgers’ quiet bats that were to blame for LA’s loss. The media know better. They always do. President Trump rigged the series before it even started. “From being here in Dodger Stadium, I can tell you first hand, because I witnessed this myself, there were people openly rooting for the visiting team,” reported CNN’s Dana…

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Dodgers Gather on Mound to Discuss Yuli Gurriel’s Cultural Gesture

HOUSTON – The Los Angeles Dodgers were thrown off their game in the third game of the 2017 World Series in Houston. After hitting a home run early in the game, Houston Astros first baseman Yuli Gurriel appeared to make what many with a delicate nature consider to be a racist gesture. Yuli pulled the skin back on the sides of his eyes with his fingers for a brief moment, making fun of the shape of Asian eyes. Soon after, Dodgers infielders met at the pitcher’s mound, gloves over mouths,…

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