TBS’s Samantha Cee-Word Learns a New Big Word


NEW YORK CITY – Unfunny Full Frontal show host Samantha Bee/Cee (depending on whether she’s being a Bee-otch or a C–t that day) learned a new, big word yesterday. She immediately used her TBS show to workshop the latest addition to her limited vocabulary. She used the term “feckless c–t” to describe Ivanka Trump during an immigration rant.

“I had never heard the word ‘feckless’ until it showed up on my cue cards,” Samantha admitted today. “We have some really smart writers on our show. It’s a perfect word to describe the Trump family too. I fecking hate those motherfeckers!”

Bee was clearly proud of her new lyrical find. “Most of the words I use don’t have more than four letters. This one is DOUBLE that! I feel like a true wordsmith, I must admit.”

When she was asked if she thought her attack on the First Daughter went too far, Samantha answered, “Feck her if she can’t take it. And if she thinks my lame apology was in any way sincere, she’s fecking crazier than I thought!”

Jake, from State Farm, was clearly offended by the host’s language, as the insurance giant has already canceled their advertising deal with her show.

Finally, Bee said she was honored to have held up Michelle Obama’s creed for the Left that the former First Lady told the 2016 Democratic Convention attendees: “When they go low, we go lower. Then, we show them how low low can actually go!” Well done, Samantha.


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