Texas Anti-Trump Tough Guy New Face of #MeTool, #WhataDick Movements

SAN ANTONIO – A 30-year old local tough guy, Kino Jimenez, has received endorsement deals to be the face of the new #MeTool and #WhataDick movements. Jimenez flexed his social justice muscles at a Whataburger restaurant this week by ripping the red MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat off a 16-year old kid and cussing the kid out for wearing it. The teenager was minding his own business.

The #MeTool movement is the latest hashtag warriorism for liberal dudes who act like tools to people they disagree with – and who are younger or smaller than the aforementioned tool. #MeTool guys would never grab a MAGA hat off the head of a grown man or someone the same size as them. They typically prey on young males.

#MeTool has really gained momentum as more liberal tough guys spiral out of control due to Hillary Clinton’s historic choke in 2016. Liberal women also like to brag about the #MeTool guys in their lives on Twitter.

Jimenez is also the founding member of the #WhataDick movement, dubbed for his display of being an asshole within the sacred confines of a Whataburger. To Texans, that’s just below getting out of line in church. It’s just not done.

Kino is already getting used to his new nickname though, as more people in San Antonio recognize him and say “What a dick.” Jimenez has now been arrested for the incident. WhataDouche.


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