Texas Worried BETO Yard Signs May Overwhelm Landfills

CRUZ TERRITORY – Now that the election is over, waste management officials in Texas are worried about all those BETO yard signs littering the Lone Star State. They aren’t sure the state’s landfills can handle that much extra trash.

Manuel Flores, site manager for Texas Disposal Systems, thinks the state should sell the signs back to Hollywood celebrities. “They paid for most of those signs. Maybe we could sell them back for pennies on the dollar. Then it’s their problem.

We’re also looking at working a deal with some other states that may take them off our hands. If that doesn’t work, we could always load them on a barge and just shove it out into the Pacific.”


The BETO for Texas campaign spent untold millions on the yard eyesores, despite the state’s anti-littering “Don’t Mess With Texas” slogan.

If a deal can’t be worked out soon, Texas plans to charge the BETO campaign for whatever expensive method they have to use to restore beauty to Texas neighborhoods.

BETO was defeated in the midterm election by incumbent Senator Ted Cruz, despite the fact that Cruz doesn’t know how to skateboard.


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