Trump Breaks Obama Protocol, Refuses to Bow to Mexican President

MEXICO – Presidential candidate Donald Trump is not one of President Obama’s favorite people. And yesterday, in Mexico, Trump kicked sand in Obama’s face when he broke the administration’s protocol of bowing to foreign leaders.

Mr. Trump said later that he would never bow to a foreign leader, and the White House is freaking out. They know that if Hillary Clinton were to win the presidency, she would bow, wear a burqa, or kiss the ass of every foreign leader out there.

White House spokesboy, 16 year-old Josh Earnest, said the president is furious with Trump. “How are we supposed to convey our weakness as a country when Mr. Trump won’t even bow to another country’s leader? We feel confident that President Obama has set a great example with his nearly 8 years of bowing. In fact, the president has bowed so much over the years, that he’s scheduled for disk replacement surgery on his lower back next month.”


Mr. Trump stood firm on his decision not to bow and follow protocol. “If anybody is going to do any bowing, it’s going to be them…to me. If I’m elected, these world leaders will be put on notice that the White House is no longer inhabited by a 98 pound, skinny, pansy-ass weakling like we have now. There will be a new sheriff in town.”

President Obama had no response to Donald Trump’s statement, other than wetting his pants.


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  1. Well THAT was a short-lived tradition! As it should be!!

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