Trump Charges Joe and Mika Fee for Letting World Know They Have a Show


NEW YORK – If you host a cable show, but nobody watches it, does the show really exist? This is the predicament faced by MSNBC morning hosts “Psycho” Joe Scarborough and his snooty fiance, “Crazy” Mika Brezschgretsky, or something. If you don’t know who they are, you’re not alone.

Psycho Joe and Crazy Mika have been annoying a very limited cable audience for years on a show called Morning Psycho Joe. After non-stop badgering of President Trump from the wannabe power couple, the president dropped a few MOAB tweets about them that made progressive Twitterheads explode.

Now, President Trump is sending an invoice to Psycho and Crazy, charging them a fee for “letting the world know you even had a show in the first place.” Trump feels the couple should pay up for all the free publicity they’re getting on his account.

The White House has sent a bill for $100,000 to the couple, for letting millions of Americans know the two exist and host a barely-rated morning show somewhere on cable.

“I consider it a finder’s fee,” the president said. “If it weren’t for me, hardly anyone would know anything at all about these two losers. They should thank me.”

Sadly, the president’s tweets have reportedly hurt the deranged duo’s feelings. Psycho and Crazy were seen in the city this afternoon, shopping for new victim cards to play.



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  1. What I want to know was, did an IRS agent deliver the bill in the form of an audit for CNN?

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