Trump Considering Expanding Peace Corps in Middle East for College Liberals

NEW YORK CITY – President-elect Trump is said to be considering greatly expanding the Peace Corps program, run by the US government, for college liberal crybabies so they might make themselves useful in the Middle East.

“They seem to think they know better than everyone else,” Trump’s statement read, “so I think it would be a great opportunity for many of them to travel to the Middle East and tell all those people how to live their lives. I feel certain there are many people in that part of the world who have never been exposed to the joys of political correctness.”

Continuing from his statement, “Our country has enough gender and feminine studies, liberal arts, and urban/African-American studies majors. Let’s send many of these self-righteous social warriors to the Middle East where they can spread their wings and birth their new utopia there.”

peace corps

Trump may be on to something. Most of these liberal young adults hate America anyway. Skills such as bitching and moaning, protesting every perceived injustice, cry-ins, rioting, looting, provoking leaders, etc. are just some of the things the Left could teach the Arab world.

Joining Peace Corps is voluntary but, in a Trump administration, will it stay that way? Be very afraid, sensitive college liberal.


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2 Thoughts to “Trump Considering Expanding Peace Corps in Middle East for College Liberals

  1. Such a simple idea…yet so needed!

    1. E. Williams

      I’m thinking only of the poor, bed-wetting college liberals and what’s best for them.

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