Trump Declares National Emergency To Deal With Ocasio-Cortez

ROSE GARDEN – President Trump today announced he is declaring a national emergency to deal with the arrogance and stupidity of new congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). Because Congress has refused to deal with the annoying, know-it-all bartender, the president has been forced to act on his own.

“Even though congressional Democrats refuse to accept the dire situation that AOC’s weak intellect poses to our country, to protect the interests of sane Americans, and to preserve the safety and well-being of our nation’s gassy cows, I am declaring that her warped thinking poses an imminent threat to our national security and is a real emergency,” Trump stated.

The president went on to cite the fact that AOC continues to believe the media’s hype about her – that she knows what she’s talking about – regardless of the issue. He then read off statistics showing that Americans become more “dumbed-down” each time they have to listen to her comments about anything.


President Trump concluded his remarks by saying that if Cortez cannot reign in her stupidity on her own, he will build a wall around her to protect the rest of the country from her socialist insanity.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains defiant, saying Democrats will defend AOC’s right to be a misguided moron all the way to the Supreme Court, if needed.


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  1. N, Williams

    You are so right, Sandra!! Now we just have to hope our Millenials learn this before it’s too late!,

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