Trump Explains Shithole Comment to Shithead Media

DC – Members of the fake news media are running around with their heads on fire tonight after what they perceive to be a racist comment by President Trump. During a meeting with lawmakers on immigration today, Trump asked aloud why America is accepting so many people from “shithole countries” like Haiti and places in Africa. He then said he would rather have people coming from Norway instead.

Norway’s population is mostly white. Haiti and Africa consist of mainly black people. That’s all the media needed to hear. They’re now playing the race card on the president non-stop. The false narrative has forced Trump to clarify his remark.


“My comment earlier about Haiti, Africa and Norway had nothing to do with skin color. Haiti and Africa are filled with poverty, disease and the under-educated. Because of those things, those places are shitholes. Norway is not. Nothing to do with race.

Just like when I explain how you members of the media are shithead journalists, I don’t mean you’re a shithead because of what color you are. It has to do with your professional environment. Your attitude, your ignorance. Because of the shitshows you produce and the shitstorms you create. Shit. Color doesn’t matter, you’re all shitheads. See how that works?”

Trump also reminded the media that America has shitholes of its own – Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles, among others – and that all of those places are being run into the ground by shithead Democrats.


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