Trump Heads to Bathroom, Democrats Question Timing

WASHINGTON – President Trump got up from his chair in the Oval Office Friday afternoon and headed to the bathroom. The move has many Democrats questioning the president’s timing and motives. Why then? What was he up to in there?

White House reporters and anchors from the mainstream media reported that Democrats in Congress were caught off guard by the move. In addition, CNN’s Chris Cuomo asserted that the “optics” of the move seemed highly suspicious.

Senator Elizabeth Warren who, along with millions of Democrats, recently questioned the timing of FBI director James Comey’s firing, thinks there is more to the bathroom move than the president just had to go. “Some people say James Comey had to go, but why does the president need to go now? Why not later? He needs to come clean and tell the American people what he’s hiding in there.”

Senator Chuck Schumer was exasperated as well. “Does he have a phone with a direct line to Moscow in there? We don’t know. But it begs the question…why does he disappear into the bathroom multiple times a day if not to conspire with the Russians?”

The truth of the matter is that the timing of Trump’s going to the restroom will never be right for Democrats. Schumer and many Democrats on Capitol Hill are even demanding that a special restroom attendant be appointed to look into the president’s activities in the bathroom. They’ll never be happy.



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3 Thoughts to “Trump Heads to Bathroom, Democrats Question Timing

  1. Emma

    Those Demorats are PARANOID…so what if te President goes to the bathroom….. maybe he has to pee or have a bm from being sick of listening to them complaining and making accusations all the time. Why do they make it sound like the President has some secret phone conversations in the toilet of all places,,,, gooodness those demorats are so immature.

  2. Another golden moment from The Barbed Wire!

    1. E. Williams

      Always delivering the hard-hitting news the MSM won’t! lol

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