Trump, Kanye Meet, Discuss Possible Taylor Swift Role

NEW YORK CITY – Coming out from a meeting in Trump Tower, a shell-shocked Kanye West spoke to reporters in the lobby of the building, before giving the President-Elect a bro hug and leaving. The pair said they talked about “life,” and Trump said the two have known each other for a long time.

Reportedly, Trump is considering Kanye for a position tweeting on the new president’s behalf and managing his official Twitter account. What could possibly go wrong? Also, Trump said he had asked for West’s advice on possibly appointing singer Taylor Swift to a new “Relationship Czar” position.


Discussions appear to be ongoing. A reporter started to ask the President-Elect another question when Kanye snatched the microphone away and said, “I’mma let you finish your meetings, Mr. Trump, but I’d really just like to get a picture with you right now. Then, I’ll leave and get back to my most recent emotional breakdown.”

Moments later, Trump said, “Take it yeezy,” gave West a hug and headed back to the elevator. If the Twitter gig doesn’t pan out for Kanye, Mr. Trump promised to make him his Ambassador to the Kardashians.


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2 Thoughts to “Trump, Kanye Meet, Discuss Possible Taylor Swift Role

  1. Damn it! Trump promised ME Ambassador to the Kardashians if he wouldn’t be able to give me the Secretary of State gig!

    1. E. Williams

      I’m sure he’s got something more prestigious in mind for you!

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