Trump Plans to Live-Tweet During His SOTU Speech


WASHINGTON – Following the reading of parts of Fire and Fury by Hillary Clinton at the Grammy’s this weekend, President Trump says he will live-tweet during his State of the Union speech Tuesday night. He said he plans to read excerpts from Hillary’s What Happened excuse book as well.

When he’s not gesturing with his hands during his speech, he’ll be feverishly working his thumbs behind the podium to tweet about Jay-Z, Eminem, Joy Behar, Anna Navarro and many others. “I can maintain focus on letting the country know how great we’re doing, while slamming Peter Strzok and Lisa Page at the same time. No problem,” Trump said.

The president loves to troll his enemies and he’ll likely tweet something about CNN’s Jim Acosta and Don Lemon during the address. “Maybe something about those two being secret lovers,” Trump hinted.

Multitasking is what the president does in his 4 hours of sleep each night. Don’t be too surprised to see Chuck Schumer crying after receiving a tweet notification on his phone. And if Nancy Pelosi gets up and storms out of the chamber in the middle of hearing how America is becoming great again, you can bet it’s because the president just landed a real zinger on her Twitter feed.

Remember, when it comes to character, President Trump has at least 140. Those guys have none.


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