Trump Proposing Term Limits For Members of Media


VIRGINIA – Donald Trump announced his top priorities for his first 100 days in office, if elected, and term limits for members of the media was high on his list. Let’s face it….the media has done such a bad job, and for so many years, that becoming a used car salesman has become a noble profession compared to journalism.

Trump is proposing media regulations that would cap a news anchor’s career at 10 years. Most employees who work for any mainstream media corporation, whether it be digital, print, or TV would be subject to working no more than 2 consecutive 6-year terms.

In announcing his idea, Trump told a rally crowd, “Most of us can agree that the media sucks. Adding term limits to their careers would limit their ability to damage the country through their dishonest and biased reporting. After their terms expire, let them go peddle their liberal bullsh*t somewhere else.”

The Donald did clarify that his plan does not include weather, traffic, or sports reporters. “It’s tough to f’-up reporting those types of information. In addition, all political pundits who work on TV will need to go find real jobs after 8 years. Aren’t we all sick of watching the same talking heads spew the same crap year after year? Time for them to get a life.”

Trump then explained that any network news anchor who refused to leave, after having been termed-out, would have to be euthanized for the good of the country. “In many of these cases, take Matt Lauer, that poor bastard just needs to be put out of his misery.”



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  1. Hmm….I thought Clear Channel/I Heart Media already did that back in 2008????

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