Trump, Putin Engage in Feats of Strength at G20 Summit Meeting

HAMBURG – In the much-anticipated meeting between President Trump and Russian President Putin at the G20 summit held this week, no one was sure whether the two would bond or not. However, it appears that Putin has much more respect for Trump than he did for former girly-man President Obama.

Trump and Putin engaged in a “feats of strength” contest after a cordial meeting for the cameras. The two then met for over two hours, as the men tried to impress the other.

First up was arm wrestling. Trump took the best-of-three match, mainly because of his bigger size and leverage. Next, the two got tattoos together. What and where those tats are has not been released to the press.


After receiving their tattoos, Putin slammed a fifth of vodka. Trump, who doesn’t drink, said, “I’ll give you that one, Vlad.” Then came skydiving. The testosterone in the plane was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Once back on the ground, the two had a beard growing contest. That one was a tie. After shaving, Putin, always the hunter, slayed a dragon. To answer, Trump soaked in a tub filled with piranha. They each finished the feats unscathed.

Both leaders seemed to have earned a mutual respect for the other and, naturally, both camps felt that their guy had won when the meeting was over.



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