Trump Supporters Agree to Recount – How Great November 8 Was!

INDIANA – As Democrats spin their wheels with dreams of recounts in three states that Hillary Clinton lost, Donald Trump’s supporters are enjoying the holidays with another type of recount. Millions of Americans are recounting how happy and thankful they were when they realized we had dodged the bullet that was a Hillary presidency.

In homes across the country this past Thanksgiving, families were grateful that Mr. Trump pulled out a victory on election night. The results at least give America the chance to right itself, after 8 years of the joke known as the Obama administration.


Trumpsters are always happy to recount when it comes to the relief and joy they experienced last month after realizing the Clinton mafia would not be in charge for the next four years. They’re also happy to recount how their Christmas bonus came early in 2016, when Nancy Pelosi was again elected the Crypt Keeper of the Democrats in the House.

Yes, November 8, 2016 will go down in history, as millions will recount their memories of when we took our country back from the incompetent and the dishonest. And with this type of recounting, you don’t even have to worry about fraud!



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4 Thoughts to “Trump Supporters Agree to Recount – How Great November 8 Was!

  1. So right on it’s scary! I heard that one Wisconsin county completed their recount already. Hillary Clinton DID improve her vote total…by ONE vote. Yeah…that was a good idea Hillary…just like all of your other great ideas!

    1. E. Williams

      That’s why she’s the smartest woman in the Democrats’ minds.

  2. Lynn Herlihy

    Thank you, It is a new era of Joy and hope, real hope not spin statistics! Love your positive message. Merry Christmas!

    1. E. Williams

      Thank you, Lynn. Merry Christmas to you!!!

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