Twitter Changes Avatar to More Inclusive Image, World Peace Now Within Reach

TWITTERVERSE – With all the division, chaos and strife in the world today, things just got a little more sane. Thank God, Twitter has updated their generic avatar “egg” to a more inclusive, gender non-specific image. This bold move inches the planet that much closer to world peace.

When every person opens a Twitter account, they used to have an egg as their profile pic until they uploaded their own. The egg was meant to symbolize that it would soon hatch and the bird would start tweeting to the world.

But what about the gender-confused trannies, bisexuals, cross dressers, genderqueers and genderfluid humans that might want to tweet out their thoughts? The egg avatar was a bridge too far for them. To ease their emotional pain, Twitter said “enough is enough.”

The new image is not without its own net set of problems though. Many say the round-headed, slope-shouldered image looks like the top view of a toilet. Others claim it is a slam against the bald community, not to mention those with poor posture – they have feelings too.

And as a veiled insult to Christians, not to mention caving to appease militant Islamists who use Twitter for recruiting efforts, they made the new avatar appear to have been beheaded. Classy.

Americans are especially grateful for the avatar change. It’s been hard to address issues like dealing with North Korea, confirming a new Supreme Court justice, and dealing with all the Russia, Russia, Russia controversy with the non-inclusive Twitter egg hanging over all of our heads all these years. It feels like a huge, non-binary weight has been lifted from our shoulders.


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2 Thoughts to “Twitter Changes Avatar to More Inclusive Image, World Peace Now Within Reach

  1. As a species-fluid Avian-American, I much preferred the egg. Who thought that the decapitated person was an improvement over that? Dumbasses!

    1. E. Williams

      Like most Libs….they can’t leave well enough alone. lol

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