UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey: “Now I Know How Hillary Must Have Felt”

LAS VEGAS – Following her stunning defeat in the UFC 207 fight against Amanda Nunes on Friday night, former champion Ronda Rousey was shell-shocked, and skipped the post-fight media interviews. However, she did have John Podesta come out and read a statement to supporters for her.

According to ESPN, Rousey said, “Tonight was truly an ass-whooping. I never saw that one coming. Reluctantly, I applaud Amanda for the superior fight she gave me. As I sit here battered and bruised, feeling punch-drunk and trying to regain my faculties, I know how Hillary Clinton must have felt on election night. It’s certainly no fun. I thought I had this bout in the bag. My scowling and over confidence didn’t serve me as well as I had hoped. I don’t know what this (second) loss means for my future, so I’ll first probably wander the woods for a while as I try to process whose fault this loss was. My manager told me there were several Russians in the crowd, and I’m betting they had something to do with it. This feels awful but, if I had to find a silver lining in this loss, I can always say that my bout with Amanda at least lasted 48 seconds longer than Hillary’s presidency.”

Fortunately, Rousey’s crew had wisely cancelled the victory fireworks display they had planned for after what they’d felt would be her imminent win.



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2 Thoughts to “UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey: “Now I Know How Hillary Must Have Felt”

  1. She may have had her ass kicked every bit as much as Hillary did, but even with the crap kicked out of her, she’s still 1000 times better looking than Hillary!

    1. E. Williams

      No doubt!

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