Unhinged Leftists Demand US Abolish ICE: ICE, Baby

LOS ANGELES – Saying “Ice is gonna be around for a while,” 90’s rapper Vanilla Ice is brushing off demands by leftist activists that President Trump get rid of him. It remains unclear why people angry over immigration policy have suddenly called for the abolition of the former singer.

“These protesters are whack, yo,” Vanilla said. “They need to stop…..collaborate and listen. Then, check out the hook while my DJ revolves it. I’m building houses in Florida these days, yo. I don’t have nothin’ to do with any of that immigration stuff. Naw mean?”

Vanilla has increased armed security around his family and home in the wake of recent threats from the Left.

Many protests carried out by low-information voters on the Left make little sense. How abolishing Vanilla Ice will benefit their open border goals is anyone’s guess. And judging by the look of the protest participants, they would be better served to first work on abolishing LICE.

Democrats seem to think demonizing ICE will benefit them in the upcoming midterm elections. However, most Americans don’t share their extreme view of ICE, and the strategy could backfire. Will it ever stop? “Yo, I don’t know,” Ice responded. “But, VIP, let’s kick it!”

Word to your mother.


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