United Airlines Flight Latest to Get She-Jacked


HOUSTON – United Airlines has had a rough 2017, just ask their passengers. Some have been beaten, dragged off and bloodied for attempting to fly on the airline. Now, the sky has a new menace; She-Jackings.

Last week, air traffic controllers at Bush Intercontinental Airport were notified that United Airlines flight 788 had been She-Jacked. A She-Jacking is defined by the Federal Aviation Administration as “an incident in which a racist member of Congress, named Sheila Jackson Lee, commits an act of entitlement against passengers on a commercial flight.”

Jackson Lee took a female attorney’s first-class seat on flight 788 and showed no signs of remorse after the plane landed safely in Washington D.C. a few hours later. Air traffic controllers sat on the information about the incident for a day because they feared being called racists by the she-jacker.

So, Jackson Lee went ahead and called the passenger who broke the story a racist. Sheila had a first-class passenger bumped from her seat on the plane because she’s an “important” member of Congress. The bumped passenger, Jean-Marie Simon, is expected to make a full recovery from the incident.

Despite the flight disruption, pilots insisted that Jackson Lee stow her triple-crown weave in the overhead compartment before the plane could take off, since it had been deemed a potential fire hazard by flight attendants. The FAA said they usually experience a spike in She-Jackings at times when Congress is about to go on long vacation breaks.


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  1. Racist? Isn’t it funny that those that actually ARE racists are the first to call others racist? Kinda makes you think they’re lonely and they want to grow their circle, doesn’t it?

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