Unmasked Abrams: I Only Breathed Through My Blowhole During School Visit


GEORGIA – Never Governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams is in some hot water. And she doesn’t do well in warm water. The plus-size hypocrite was caught going unmasked in a school surrounded by masked students, masked teachers, and the masked singer.

The hypocritical pics have sparked a backlash against the hefty politician, who is denying any wrongdoing. Abrams may have taken her excuse for being mask-less from Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti. The mayor was recently spotted unmasked but claimed, “I was holding my breath while the pictures were taken.” Sounds very scientific.

Stacey defended herself on Monday. “It’s true that I didn’t have a mask on, but nobody was in danger because of it. I breathed through my blowhole the entire time I was around the kids. I have yet to see any scientific study showing that the virus can be spread through a blowhole.”

An Abrams spokesperson tweeted, “Stacey did not want to deprive the children of her wisdom by speaking through a mask. And while many kids seemed distracted by her socially-distanced front teeth, I think they caught enough to fill in the gaps.”

When we asked students if they enjoyed Stacey’s visit to their school, overall, most said they had a whale of a time.


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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks she is a whale!

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