“Unsolved Mysteries” TV Show to Return With Episode on Missing Hillary Press Conferences


HOLLYWOOD – An old television show from the last century is gearing up to make a return in the near future, as Unsolved Mysteries will be exploring more modern mysteries that continue to baffle people in 2016. The show was a hit in the 1980’s.

Some mysteries from the past remain unsolved today – Bigfoot, space aliens, Loch Ness Monster, Stonehenge, and the Kardashians. But there are newer mysteries that deserve delving into as well. Below are some of the recorded teasers from upcoming episodes this fall:

  • “As elusive as the lost city of Atlantis, do Barack Obama’s college transcripts really exist?”
  • “This week, we will focus on a bizarre, disappearance story: Hillary Clinton’s press conferences seem to have vanished without a trace. Could this be due to natural phenomena, or something more sinister?”
  • “How does MSNBC stay on the air? Cable bundling doesn’t explain the whole mystery…”
  • “Just like their distant cousins, the Neanderthals, we’ll follow a group of not very bright, low-information voters to see how they survive in today’s modern world.”
  • “Since Hell won’t even take him, where will George Soros go once he finally dies?”
  • “The trail seems to have gone cold in the search for the sniper who fired on Hillary Clinton in Bosnia. We’ll search for new clues….”
  • “Are golf courses magical realms? Why does President Obama vow not to rest in finding those responsible for tragedies, then constantly seek solutions on these fields of green? We’ll investigate the mysterious Oracles that live under the cups on 18th holes that give him answers.”
  • “The Clinton Triangle. An area that stretches from Arkansas, to New York, to Washington D.C. and back, where people who cross Bill or Hillary go to die under unusual circumstances…”
  • “The Black Lives Matter movement. We don’t know where to start with this one.”
  • “Democrats believe ISIS fighters just want the chance to come to America and work at a 7-11. We’ll explore the mystery of what causes Kool-Aid overdoses, and whether there is any hope for believers of the church of political correctness.”



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4 Thoughts to ““Unsolved Mysteries” TV Show to Return With Episode on Missing Hillary Press Conferences

  1. N.Wiflliams

    Mr. “E”– I’m sure most of the “Unsolved Mysteries” do go unsolved; but wait, maybe we’ll see an “UPDATE” on the afore-mentioned ones—FINALLY!!!

    1. E. Williams


  2. Lynn Herlihy

    This is awesome, you are on the top of your game!

    1. E. Williams

      Thank you, Lynn! Hope you are doing well.

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