Trump to Focus on “Extreme Vetting,” Hillary on “Extreme Voting”

OHIO – During a foreign policy speech yesterday, Donald Trump explained his new plans for scrutinizing immigrants who want to come into our country. He’s calling it “extreme vetting.” Trump wants to make sure the government really has a good idea of the history and allegiances a person has before allowing them to live here.

Hillary Clinton, happy to let anybody come into our country, is more of a fan of “extreme voting.” Her campaign has launched a program aimed at illegal “Dreamers,” who are not eligible to vote, but who can try to motivate legal immigrants to vote, especially if they haven’t in the past.

extreme vetting

Her program is called “Hillary’s Sueno, Tu Voto,” meaning, “Hillary’s Dream, Your Vote.” Hillary’s dream is the only dream important to her. But she can’t make it a reality unless there is voter fraud in November. Won’t you please do what you can to make Hillary’s sueno come true?

Mrs. Clinton spelled out the goal of the new program this way: “We’ll be able to get some of these Dreamers to vote in states that don’t require voter ID. Some may vote several times, if we’re lucky. But for those Dreamers in other states, there’s no reason why they should be sitting around in November when they could be working as hard as they can to make my dream come true.”

“I’m sure if I promise them enough free crap for some later date in the future, after they’re legal, they’ll do this for me now.”


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