VP Biden Comes Out With Trump High School Fantasies

WASHINGTON – Vice-President Joe Biden raised some eyebrows today when he “came out” with some homoerotic statements about Donald Trump. When asked by a reporter if he wishes he were the one debating Trump, Biden said, “No, I wish we were in high school and I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish.”

White House insiders say Biden has been questioning his own sexuality since President Obama’s transgender bathroom agenda became the talk of the nation. “I bet Donny looked pretty sweet in those short shorts we wore in high school, back in the day.”



Uncle Joe went on to bash Trump’s alleged advances on women years ago and was then asked if he were one to be talking, since he has become known as quite the groper of women himself, as vice-president.

“My father always taught me that it was a ‘cardinal sin’ for a man to attack women. But he never said anything about groping, so I think I’m good there.”

Asked why he wanted Trump behind the gym, Biden replied with a wink, “I think I could take him…..if you know what I mean.”





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  1. Hmm…Biden Vs. Trump. We can get Mills Lane to come out of retirement (is he still alive???) and Michael Buffer to do the announcing. Jim Lampley can do the play by play! I bet Showtime would pick it up in a heartbeat. Pay per view would maybe be enough to nick the national debt…whaddaya think?

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