Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel Caught In Hellish Personal Hurricane

NORTH CAROLINA – Veteran Weather Channel personality Mike Seidel thought he’d seen it all from the storms he’s covered before. Hurricane Florence changed all of that. Seidel spent much of the recent rain event trapped in his own hellish, personal hurricane.

Video footage showed Seidel fighting to brave intense storm conditions within a “hurricane bubble.” The Weather Channel describes a hurricane bubble as “a pocket of hurricane force conditions that exist in a 10 to 20-foot radius, while areas outside the bubble experience much milder conditions.”

Hurricane bubble? Craziest thing I ever saw!!

“Hurricane bubbles are pretty rare, but if you’re a member of the media, you’ve probably experienced at least one,” The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore explained. “When I saw the video of Mike being pummeled, while those guys behind him weren’t affected at all, I knew what was going on. It had to have been harrowing for Mike. Sorry, buddy.”

Cantore also explained that “Climate change is responsible for these bubbles, and the conditions are far more severe on grass than on pavement – as evidenced in the video. Also, once trapped inside, those storm pockets are filled with drama, often causing the person trapped to over-act for the camera. Trust me, all you can do is ride it out.”

Reportedly, Seidel was so rattled by the experience that he’s been unable to talk to the media just yet.

In a previous hurricane, Seidel found comfort in the arms of Al Roker, as the two found themselves trapped in the same bubble.


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