West Texas Light Sweet Crude Oil Crashes, Other Flavors Remain Popular

MIDLAND – Futures for West Texas intermediate (WTI) light sweet crude oil plummeted to all-time low prices this week, shocking consumers around the world. However, even though the benchmark commodity is taking a serious hit at the moment, other flavors of oil remain extremely popular.

For instance, futures for WTI Light Sweet & Tangy crude oil actually surged during the same time period. As did WTI’s Light Sweet w/Habanero crude, Light Sweet Crude Oil & Vinegar, and Light Sweet Dijon Vinaigrette crude.

crude oil

A spokesman from Pioneer Natural Resources explained that, “Consumer tastes are always changing. What we’re seeing with this historic dip in light sweet crude oil is a shift to consumers wanting a more full-bodied oil. It depends on the kind of vehicle, type of motor they want to run, or kind of salad they plan on having as to what oil the market is going to want.”

“It’s all supply and demand,” the spokesman continued, “And right now, the market seems to be favoring classics like West Texas Vinaigrette, West Texas Extra Virgin, or any of our other flavors that aren’t quite so crude.”

Consumers should remember that the current oil futures crash is only temporary. Once the Covid-19 crisis is behind us, Americans should see a return to our salad days once again.


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