WH Prefers Term ‘Natural Gas-Lighting’ Because It Makes Lying To Americans Sound Cleaner

natural gas-lighting

WASHINGTON – Democrats are worrying that more Americans may be getting wise to their constant gaslighting efforts. President Biden and others have been gaslighting Americans on record inflation, record gas prices, etc. on a daily basis.

‘Gaslighting’ refers to telling citizens that the reality they are experiencing is not really reality. ‘Natural gas-lighting’ is a made up word that more Democrats are using to not sound as offensive.

“Are we gaslighting the American people on a daily basis, on a variety of issues?” WH spokesgirl Peppermint Patty asked reporters. “Of course! But we prefer you use the term ‘natural gas-lighting’ because it sounds cleaner while you’re being gas-lit. You know we all hate gasoline, but natural gas burns you cleaner, so you don’t mind being gas-lit as much.”

President Biden, the reigning king of gaslighters, agreed. “Look, folks, when I tell you Putin is behind all of my failures, it’s for your own good. Putin! Now, you all just need to go about your daily lives, pay whatever the price says, and we’ll tell ya whose fault it is. Right, Patty? Deal?”

The president then reminded reporters that natural gas-lighting is abundant in his administration, is more efficient at fueling false narratives, and is constantly renewable. If only our cars ran on gas-lighting.


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