WH: Supply Chain Crisis Due To Americans’ Stockpiling Ahead Of Our Next Big Blunder


WASHINGTON – The Biden White House is never to blame for anything. Take the ongoing supply chain crisis that is tying up cargo shipments. Stores continue to deal with empty shelves for some items. And orders for big ticket items like furniture and appliances are taking months to fulfill.

At today’s press briefing to update the nation on how nothing is their fault, Jen Psaki set the record straight. A New York Times reporter asked Psaki about shipping delays for large appliances and treadmills. Why hasn’t Biden solved the problem?

“The tragedy of the delayed treadmill,” Jen sarcastically responded. “Look, the real cause of this supply chain backup is Americans stockpiling necessities in anticipation of our administration’s next, big blunder. With Joe Biden, you never know how long or how severe each succeeding mistake will be. All I can tell you, is that no matter what we screw up….it’s not our fault. So, I would blame consumers first.”

The reporter shot back with “How can you blame Americans for needing treadmills, when all you ever do is tell them to eat cake?” Psaki replied, “Frankly, ‘let them eat cake’ sounds much nicer than ‘let them pound sand.’ I’m in favor of telling you all to go pound sand, but Kamala Antoinette overruled me with the cake crack.”

Peppermint Patty ended her remarks by admitting that she already has her Peloton, and didn’t care how long others might have to wait to get theirs.


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