Whatawinter! Texans Wrap Vehicles Around Whataburger Locations To Keep Them Warm


TEXAS – The ongoing severe cold and snow event here is causing Texans to take drastic action. As temperatures plummet to record lows, people around the state are joining forces to protect what is dear to them.

And that means Whataburger. The hamburger champ in Texas has fueled families here for decades. The burger chain is known for being open 24/7. So, as other businesses closed due to deteriorating weather conditions, people started showing their love.

Thousands of Texans swarmed Whataburger locations with their cars and trucks, wrapping around locations, just to try to keep the stores warm and open. The tactic worked for some locations. Others weren’t so lucky.

Fred Gatlin and his family tried to help warm one location. “We was sittin’ in line for almost 90 minutes. My little lady here said it was worth it for one of them honey butter chicken biscuits. Turns out, they’d already closed 2 hours before this line of about 70 cars and us circled the place. We was too late. The cold was too much for her (Whataburger). It didn’t work this time, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

The manager of a San Antonio location applauded the support. “We’ve managed to stay open solely because the never-ending heat from their idling cars and trucks have kept the ice away, and warmed the building. We love you, Texas!”

To show their appreciation, Whataburger has started selling these commemorative, branded faucet covers.


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2 Thoughts to “Whatawinter! Texans Wrap Vehicles Around Whataburger Locations To Keep Them Warm

  1. It’s interesting. As I write this, I’m in my car in Arizona…but we don’t wrap around a Whataburger (though we have them). We wrap them around In & Out.

    1. E. Williams

      Understood. In & Out is great too! It’s really just a Texas thang

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