White House Shuts Down ‘Giant Amnesty’ Plan: No Giants Allowed

WASHINGTON – Saying America has enough problems already, White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders said today that having giants roaming the country is something the Trump administration will not stand for at this time.

“President Trump is adamant that he will not sign any immigration bill that contains a ‘giant amnesty’ plan,” Sanders told reporters. “The president has 99 problems, but allowing giants into our country is not going to be one of them.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta immediately asked if this decision made the president a “heightist,” and Sanders quickly made little Jimmy sit right back down. “Jim, how long did it take you to make up that term? Sit down, shut up, and let’s see if any of the other kids can come up with some decent questions.”


Reporter Kristen Welker of NBC News asked, “Does this decision by the president effectively shut down Democrats’ plans to exploit giants as political pawns, like they do with blacks, Latinos, and other groups?¬†Giants are people too, you know.”


“Democrats will just move on to another group, Kristen. You know that,” Sarah answered.


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3 Thoughts to “White House Shuts Down ‘Giant Amnesty’ Plan: No Giants Allowed

  1. The Lone Cactus

    The absolute beauty of this piece is that you have captured Sarah Sanders at her absolute best. I’m wondering who is the best Press Secretary of all time. Is it Sanders or Tony Snow?

    1. E. Williams

      I don’t know, but you know she drives the left mad. She’s great at handing those arrogant pricks their asses back to them!

  2. N. Williams

    Way to go, Sarah! Glad you bring out the Dems asinine comments for us all to see!!

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