Whoopsie! Goldberg Suspended 2 Weeks Since ‘That’s How Long She Thinks The Holocaust Lasted’


NEW YORK- Whoopi Goldberg, host of ABC’s ‘The View,’ has been suspended for two weeks after anti-Semitic comments made on the show this week. She ticked off everybody by saying the Holocaust was basically white-on-white crime. That race wasn’t part of the equation. Then social media exploded.

“I’m really sorry you people misunderstood what I said about the Nazis and the Jews,” Goldberg explained on Stephen Colbert’s show. “I thought as a progressive I could say whatever I wanted and get away with it. Did you all change the rules and I missed the memo? I mean, why are people making such a big deal about this?”

“Here’s what I need to explain. I see EVERYTHING through the prism of color. When I think of the Holocaust, I think about what a terrible two weeks that must have been for Jews, but there were no brothers being hurt or killed. White folks want to kill a bunch of other white folks, what do I care?”

Since last night, Whoopi has apologized for her apology of her apology of her initial comments. She keeps digging her hole deeper each time. Finally, ABC was forced to do something.

The network released a statement: “We regret the insensitive comments made by Ms. Goldberg about the Holocaust. We have decided to suspend her from the show for two weeks – the same length of time she believes the Holocaust lasted. We sincerely hope that during that time, while laying on a beach somewhere, Whoopi opens a history book for the first time ever.”


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  1. Anonymous

    Two weeks, huh? I think that’s about as long as Whoopi’s relevance has lasted during her career!

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