Wife Orders Shrimp Instead of Steak, Leaves James Comey ‘Confused and Concerned’


WASHINGTON – Trying to enjoy a nice dinner with his wife at an upscale DC restaurant following his tense testimony to Congress, former FBI director James Comey was left “confused and concerned” after his wife threw him a curve ball while ordering.

“We’ve eaten at this place many times in the past,” a flustered Comey said. “She always has a nice steak, occasionally a pasta dish, but tonight, out of nowhere, she orders the shrimp dish. I don’t know what to make of it! I’m thinking turf the whole time, and she comes out of nowhere with the surf.”

“It’s a famous steak restaurant, for god’s sake!” Comey was confused because his wife hadn’t mentioned on the way to the dinner that she intended to have the shrimp that night.

He was also stunned when the waiter, having served their meals, said, “I hope you enjoy your dinner.” “What the hell does that mean?” Comey whispered to his wife. She assured him that the waiter wanted them to enjoy their dining experience.

“Honey, when somebody says ‘I hope‘ about something, there’s always a sinister intent behind it.” She told him he was being paranoid. To make matters worse, his wife insisted that he refer to her dinner as a shrimp entree, rather than a shrimp dish. This made Comey very uncomfortable.

After arriving home, James stayed in the car after his wife went inside so he could write down details of the peculiar dinner in a memo. When a friend later asked him why he didn’t just ask his wife why she went with the shrimp, he responded, “That’s a good question. Perhaps if I were stronger, I would have.”




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  1. You know…seeing Mr. Rogers….uh….sorry, Mr. Comey in that flannel pajama outfit got me to thinking that Fred Rogers may be dead, but HE could be the next Mr. Rogers! I’m calling PBS right now!!

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