Wikileak’s Assange Says “Just Releasing Emails to Jolt Hillary’s Memory”

LONDON – Though he has become the bane of every Democratic operative and MSM Clinton cheerleader for releasing thousands of emails that are proving damaging to Hillary Clinton’s quest for world domination, the head of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, says he’s only trying to help.

“I kept seeing over and over and over again Mrs. Clinton telling authorities ‘I don’t recall,’ ‘I can’t recall,’ no matter what the scandal was. And she seems to have a brilliant memory about all other issues. I thought, ‘I can help this woman.’ And that’s why I chose to release all these emails,” Assange said.


He hopes by releasing upwards of 50,000 emails before the election next month, that he will be able to jolt Hillary’s memory into recalling important details about how and why she decided that American laws didn’t apply to her.

“It was the least I could do,” Julian said, from his embassy suite. “I’ve got her answer to one scandal right here. Here’s what she wrote about how to get away with this or that. It seemed stupid to just sit on all this information.”

“If I can help her remember these important details, then hopefully she can sleep better at night. Because if she has selective memory loss, or other random memory lapses, then she has no business being anywhere near the White House.”


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2 Thoughts to “Wikileak’s Assange Says “Just Releasing Emails to Jolt Hillary’s Memory”

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice IF she wins the presidency that she doesn’t recall? She’d wake up every day and wouldn’t recall the outcome of the election. She’d stay in her Georgetown mansion and wouldn’t recall she isn’t supposed to be there? She would fail to remember that oops, she had all of those big bills to sign into law that ruin America? Yeah…yeah…that’s the Hillary I want as president!

    1. E. Williams

      Madame President, did you just nuke Russia? “I don’t recall…”

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